Florian Breit — Publications


Edited volumes

Breit, F., Yoshida, Y. & Youngberg, C. (Eds.) (forth.) Government, Licensing and Elements: Developments in Phonology. Under contract with UCL Press, to appear open access in 2022.

Breit, F., van t' Veer, M., Botma, B. & van Oostendorp, M. (Eds.) (in press) Primitives of Phonological Structure. To appear with Oxford University Press.

Refereed journal articles

Breit, F. (2017) Melodic Heads, Saliency, and Strength in Voicing and Nasality. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics. 2(1), 85.1-35. DOI: 10.5334/gjgl.462

Breit, F. (2016) The Distribution of English Isograms in Google Ngrams and the British National Corpus. Opticon182618(2):1-28.

Breit, F. (2012) A Survey of Young British People’s Attitudes towards learning the UK's regional languages. Debút: The Undergraduate Journal of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies3 (1), 59-78. (Academia)

Book reviews and discussions

Breit, F. (2020) Discussion. In: Scheer, T. (auth.) "On the lexical character of intermodular communication", Radical: A Journal of Phonology, 1:229-239.

Breit, F. & Harris, J. (2014) Review of S.J. Hannahs’ (2013) The Phonology of Welsh. Phonology. 31 (2), 338-346. DOI: 10.1017/S0952675714000153

Breit, F. (2013) Voice–Nasality Interaction and Headedness in Voiceless Nasals. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics25, 201-221 (LingBuzz, Academia)


Breit, F. (2019) Welsh Mutation and Strict Modularity. PhD Thesis, University College London. (UCL Discovery)

Breit, F. (2013) Formal Aspects of Element Theory. MRes Dissertation, University College London. (LingBuzzAcademia)

Breit, F. (2012) Constraints on Auxiliary Deletion in Colloquial Welsh. BA Dissertation, Bangor University. (Academia)

Other publications

Breit, F. (2017) Data and tools for studying isograms. figshare. Dataset.

Breit, F. (2013) Voice–Nasality Interaction and Headedness in Voiceless Nasals. UCL Working Papers in Linguistics25, 201-221 (LingBuzzAcademia)

Breit, F. (2011) S Internet: E Schongs für unsri Sproch (The Internet: A Chance for our Language). Alemannisch dunkt üs guet. 1/2011, 32-34.


Invited talks

Breit, F. & Cottam, J. (2021)  Synchronic and diachronic arguments for a trigger-centric approach to Welsh initial consonant mutation. Paper presented at the Bilbao Morpho-Phonology Circle, 27 January 2021, University of Deusto.

Breit, F. (2019)  A strictly modular perspective on Initial Consonant Mutation in Welsh. Paper presented at Séminaire P3 (Phonétique, Phonologie, Prosodie), 16 May 2019, Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes, CNRS/Université de Nantes.

Breit, F. (2019)  Reconciling Mutation and Modularity in Welsh. Paper presented at the Atelier de phonologie, 15 May 2019, Laboratoire Sturcures Formelles du Langage, CNRS/Paris 8.

Breit, F. (2018)  Welsh mutation for strict modularists. Paper presented at the UConn LingLunch, 24 Apr 2018, University of Connecticut.

Themed sessions

Kouneli, M., Breit, F. & Nevins, A. (2022) Minoritized Languages' Impact on Linguistic Theory. Themed session at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the LAGB, 12-15 September 2022, Ulster University.

Refereed conference presentations

Kim, Y., Botma, B., Breit, F., Chiu, F., Hernández, N., Kula, N. & Nasukawa, K. (2021) Nasal shielding and the non-phonological status of voicing in Amuzgo. Paper presented at the 28th Manchester Phonology Meeting, 26-28 May 2021, Manchester.

Breit, F. (2020)  Nasal relativism: headed and unheaded systems. Paper presented at Nasality and laryngeal representations in phonology, 8 January 2020, University of Essex.

Breit, F. (2018)  Dual Interpretation and Saliency arise from Spell-Out. Paper presented at Elements Nantes, 14-15 June 2018, Université de Nantes.

Breit, F. (2018)  Let phonology be phonology and syntax be syntax: the case of Welsh mutation. Paper presented at the 10th North American Phonology Conference, 4-5 May 2018, Concordia University.

Breit, F. (2017)  Initial CVs and the phonology of non-mutation in Welsh. Paper presented at the 25th Manchester Phonology Meeting, 25-27 May 2017, Manchester.

Breit, F. & Jones, C. (2016)  Non-copy Epenthesis in Llansteffan Welsh. Paper to be presented at the 9th Celtic Linguistics Conference, 1-2 Sep 2016, Cardiff University.

Breit, F. (2015)  Can conflicting grammaticality judgment data reveal something about language change in progress? A case study in Welsh word order convergence. Paper presented at Donders Discussions 2015, 4-5 Nov 2015, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Breit, F. (2015) The Element |L| and Why We Need to Talk About Heads. Paper presented at the 45th Poznań Linguistics Meeting, 17-19 Sep 2015, Poznań, Poland. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2015) The Phonological Exponents of Welsh ICM: Subtraction by addition. Paper presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the LAGB, 15-18 Sep 2015, London. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2015) Aspirate Mutation in Welsh and Iaai as Fortition with |H|. Poster presented at the 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, 28-30 May 2015, Manchester. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2015) Some Questions Concerning Headedness. Paper presented at Elements Fest 2015, 31 Mar 2015, UCL/SOAS. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2014) Establishing the Limits of Welsh Auxiliary Deletion in Conversation and Experiment. Paper presented at the 8th Celtic Linguistics Conference, 06 Jun 2014, University of Edinburgh. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2013) How many segments? Theories of melodic representation and their Generative Capacity. Paper presented at Approaches to Phonology and Phonetics, 21-23 Jun 2013, UMCS/KUL, Lublin, Poland. (Academia)

Local and departmental talks

Breit, F. (2019)  Microadventures in Welsh Initial Consonant Mutation. Paper presented at the UCL Linguistics PhD Day, 27 September 2019, UCL.

Breit, F. (2017)  Adventures in Welsh Non-Mutation. Paper presented at the UCL Linguistics PhD Day, 28 April 2017, UCL.

Breit, F. (2016)  A floating-element account of Welsh Initial Consonant Mutation. Paper presented at the UCL Linguistics PhD Day, 24 May 2016, UCL.

Breit, F. (2014) Re-evaluating a Unified Representation of Voicing and Nasality: The Case of Voiceless Nasals. Paper presented at the London Phonology Seminar, 27 Jan 2014, UCL/SOAS. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2013) The Generative Capacity of Element Theory. Poster presented at the Workshop on Melodic Representation, 12 Mar 2013, SOAS/UCL. (Academia)

Breit, F. (2012) Coping with Borrowed Swearwords: Anomalies in Welsh Mutation Patterns. Poster presented at the 2012 Bangor Summer School in Bilingualism, 25 Jul 2012, Bangor University. (Academia)

Outreach and public engagement talks

Breit, F. (2017)  Linguistics: The science of language. Outreach talk on Universal 20, presented at the 2017 Do Something Different Day, UCL Widening Participation Program.

Breit, F. (2016)  Svarabhakti Gymraeg: Oes lafariaid epenthetig wedi'i copïo yn y Gymraeg llafar? Presentation to class of Welsh learners, 19 March 2016, CityLit, London.

Other Linguistics-related publications

At the Speculative Grammarian, see the author index (under Breit, Florian; about half way down) for a list of my contributions under various pseudonyms.

In the Bangor Linguist, all throughout Volume 1, which is co-edited by me.