Florian Breit — Web Dev

Web Development

The web and I, we go way way back. The day the first internet café opened, I started building my first—admittedly very, very awful—website. A lot happened since, and as I've learned much more over the last decade or so, I've become more passionate about web development. In non-technical terms, good web development for me is about simplicity, intuitive design, compatibility and accessibility. I always separate content and layout, which means that a design can easily be altered or changed entirely at any point without having to go back and modify the underlying software and I build the vast majority of websites for my clients with a lightweight content management system built in, meaning it is very easy to keep it up-to-date.

More technically, my standard set-up is LAMP and I usually code in PHP, polyglot HTML5, and CSS, though I also use JavaScript and Python sometimes. One of my favourite database systems to work with is SQLite. I generally believe in a thin client approach for most web applications (though there are of course exceptions) and this directly ties in with my passion for building accessible web applications, which is coincidentally among the best SEO one can do. While my heart is in the code and I frequently work in tandem with a graphic designer, I do swing the paint-brush myself occasionally, usually doing vector drawings in Inkscape. Sometimes this leads to interesting results because I have deuteranopia (red-green colour blindness), but that's what friends are there for.

Have a look at my portfolio to see some of my work both past and present. If you like what you see and need something done yourself, why not drop me a line? I'm always interested in freelance work.