Florian Breit — Software


PHP Innovation Award Nominee
December 2004
Number 4

Here is a collection of some of the software I have written over the last couple of years. For my most up-to-date contributions, see my GitHub account. A lot of these are smaller utilities that I either still maintain or have developed relatively recently (meaning they will be sort of up-to-date and should work fine). There's also a ton of older stuff, which can be found either in the Archive or via my now defunct accounts on SourceforgeFreecode and PHPClasses.org.

Nearly everything you can find here is free and open source (meaning you can use, copy, modify and redistribute it subject to minimal limitations. Have a look at the GNU General Public License for more information).

Recent Projects

The L'ART Research Assistant is a freely available open-source app that aids researchers in the collection, storage and transfer of data for research in bilingualism and language attitudes, especially in cases of bilinguals who speak a majority language and a regional / minority / minoritized language.

holltwr (/ˈhɔɬ.tur/, Welsh for splitter) is a command line utility for automated splitting of compact Praat TextGrid annotations into several separate tiers following a set annotation and conversion convention.

ProChopPy is a Python replacement for Mark Huckvale's ProChop (part of ProRec), which chops up a recording into separate files, based on an annotation file containing the break points. ProChopPy is designed to work with files recorded using ProRec, the prompt & record program by Mark Huckvale.

Older Projects

Gwefan is the content management system which this very website is build upon. Gwefan is designed "with limitation in mind" — a perhaps unusual design concept which aims at keeping the base system as simple as possible by aiming to not provide any features or capabilities that are beyond what is necessary for the targeted audience. By keeping the typical requirements for small websites in mind and designing a minimal system around these, Gwefan manages to let the user modify and operate the base system very rapidly with only a minimal learning curve.

CairoForPHP Samples is a PHP app developed primarily as proof of concept and demonstration for PHP's Cairo extension, an engine used to render 2D graphics in software such as Mozilla Firefox. CairoForPHP Samples implements a number of Cairo examples and follows an MVC design pattern to integrates them into a single platform- and interface-independent Phar file, producing a fully converging application which can be run both on the desktop, where it uses PHP-GTK to display a graphical user interface, or inside a web-server, where it generates a similar interface via HTML—all using the very same codebase and APIs. The backend is based on a custom XML schema which is internally validated and used as the basis which to render the Cairo examples from. CairoForPHP Samples demonstrates both how Cairo can be used to pre-render content and to generate graphics on the fly.

IPAtype is a simple graphical representation of the IPA chart for Microsoft Windows, offering a simple method to input characters from the chart regardless of technical know-how. The user can simply click on the characters in the IPA chart to write a transcription in the appropriate Unicode characters, which can then be used in other documents, emails, and so forth.


I am able to do project work on a freelance basis or to consult on projects in the planning stage. My areas of expertise are mainly web development and automated processing and analysis of corpus data (both with web based interfaces and for processing on the desktop). I primarily work with PHPXML (I can create XML schemata for validation) and SQL-based databases depending on the needs of the project, but I also have experience with a range of other languages and frameworks. If you are interested best contact me and we can discuss further details.