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bPaste was a thin-client pastebin system implementing a post-and-reply schema originally developed for the channel #php.de on GameSurge. bPaste was implemented in PHP and supported syntax highlighting for various languages powered by the the GeSHi syntax highlighter; moreover the design integrated advance caching of recent posts' highlighted source to minimise processing overhead. Development on bPaste ceased when a larger project envisaged by the community of #php.de did not come about. The working beta implementation is still available via SourceForge.


FRC DynDNS Control

FRC DynDNS Control was aimed at clients of the web hosting company Framecom.net, who had at the time made available a web service over HTTP to associate dynamic IP addresses with client's domains, thereby effectively providing a dynamic DNS service. However, this still required clients to manually update their DNS entries with current IP addresses. FRC DynDNS Control automated this process for the client by providing a desktop configuration interface through which they could locally store all necessary configuration and authentication information and a daemon running in the background which would then automatically update the associated DNS entry, meaning the client only has to install the software and configure it once and as long as their computer is live it would keep the DNS entry up-to-date. FRC DynDNS was implemented using Roadsend's then new PHP compiler which produced native binaries for Windows and the front-end was implemented in GTK+ 1 with glade.


SmartCrypt was one of my first attempts at using PHP on the desktop, in particular with the then brand new PHP-GTK extension. It is a very simplistic tool which applied any of the natively implemented encryption or hashing algorithms to a given text to either encrypt or decrypt it.